Here for Home Weekend Activities – December 8-9, 2012

TCNJ Here for Home was involved in three activities this weekend. On Saturday, approximately 250 volunteers, six of which were from TCNJ, gathered in Cattus Island Park in Toms River, NJ. The park is known for its walking trails, vast marshlands and its learning center for junior park volunteers. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the park was with littered with fallen trees and debris that washed in from towns as far as Seaside Heights.

Volunteers broke into several groups with gloves and tools and were taken around to different sites in the park where they worked from about 8:00am to 3:00pm. Throughout the day, hundreds of boards of plywood, broken sections of docks and even children’s beach toys were uncovered and transported to a designated dump site. Recyclables were separated from the scattered pieces of styrofoam and items deemed trash.

* * *

Also on Saturday, December 8th, Bonner Community Scholars Regina Zick and Kara Ukaegbu drove a van full of donations to a warehouse in Toms River, hosted by the People’s Pantry of Toms River. Their van was loaded up with over 200 containers of edible goods and cleaning supplies. The donations all came from TCNJ community members who have continued to bring items to the TCNJ Here for Home Campaign.

* * *

On Sunday, December 9th, Bonner Community Scholars Raj Manimaran, Emily LaRosa and Megan Eichmann led a group of seven volunteers, along with two relatives of a TCNJ staff members and two campus police officers in unloading and organizing donations. Salve Regina University in Rhode Island brought approximately 3100 lbs of clothing, food, cleaning supplies and other small household goods as donations to the TCNJ Here for Home Campaign, to be distributed to communities affected by Hurricane Sandy. The large and generous donation was delivered via a moving truck, which a Salve Regina volunteer drove down over the weekend. The TCNJ volunteers met the Salve Regina shipment at a U-Haul Center in Toms River and unloaded the goods into a different truck. The donations were then brought to and unloaded at The Presbyterian Church of Toms River.

TCNJ Here for Home volunteers help unload donations from Salve Regina University.


Salve Regina University delivered over 3,000 lbs. of donated items including clothing, food and cleaning supplies.

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