Volunteers Help Out in Toms River & Midway Beach Over Weekend

On Saturday, 32 TCNJ students traveled to the Jersey shore to help with relief efforts being coordinated by the Corporation for National and Community Service through the AmeriCorps Program.

The students were split into three groups – 8 students to go to a pantry in Toms River to get it ready to open for residents in need; 8 students to paint a float for an upcoming parade to lift the spirits of residents and draw some much needed tourism back into the area; and, the rest to plant dune grass on Midway Beach to help with the efforts to rebuild sand dunes along the shoreline. The AmeriCorps members were very welcoming and the TCNJ students were eager to help out wherever they could be useful. The TCNJ students were also joined by college students who had traveled all the way from Connecticut to help with the relief efforts.

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